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Teaches: | Piano  | Music Theory  | Music Production  
Speakes:  Dutch, English, German 

My name is Niels: pianist, singer, teacher and composer from Utrecht, Netherlands.


Since my studies at the pop academy in Enschede Netherlands, I have been able to do a lot of fun musical stuff.


Theater tours through Europe, artist accompaniment in the Netherlands and Belgium, singing a-capella on the street in London with friends.
On top of that, I played in of countless of weddings, festivals and other parties with all kinds of different bands.


Besides performing I have always gave music lessons! Something I really enjoy and find important.
Teaching music allows me to share my passion and enthusiasm for music with others.


I was trained as a pop musician, though my piano lessons also include plenty of classical, jazz and blues. Just let me know which style you like.
Learning to read notes, improvise, play by heart, music theory ... It all comes up, and I ultimately focus on what you like best.
Nothing is mandatory, everything is allowed: fun is the most important thing!


In my spare time I like to play guitar and write piano songs. I've been working on orchestral composition for a year now.... What is that?
I like to write music for films, musicals and large orchestras. Something I hope to be able to do more and more in the future.


In August 2020 I completed my first real composite assignment:
I was allowed to write, record and mix a children's musical theme for the RhijnIJssel musical education in Arnhem Netherlands.


Besides making music I love to cook, I like to be outside in nature, and I like sports.


I hope to meet all of you, and maybe I'll see you soon!








Ik ben Niels: pianist, zanger, docent en componist uit Utrecht.
Sinds mijn studie aan de popacademie in Enschede heb ik ontzettend veel leuke muzikale dingen kunnen doen.
Theatertours door Europa, artiestenbegeleiding in Nederland en Belgie, a-capella zingen op straat in Londen met vrienden.
Met daar bovenop nog eens ontelbaar veel bruiloften, festivals en andere feestjes met allerlei verschillende bandjes.

Naast het optreden heb ik altijd al les gegeven. Iets wat ik enorm leuk en belangrijk vind.
Hiermee hoop ik mijn passie en enthousiasme voor muziek weer met anderen te kunnen delen.

Ik ben opgeleid als pop-muzikant, maar in mijn pianolessen komt er (als je het leuk vind) ook genoeg klassiek, jazz en blues aan bod.
Leren noten lezen, improviseren, uit je hoofd spelen, muziektheorie.. Het komt allemaal aan bod, en ik richt me uiteindelijk op het gene dat jij het leukste vind.
Niks moet, alles mag: plezier is het allerbelangrijkst!

In mijn vrije tijd speel ik graag gitaar en schrijf ik pianoliedjes. Sinds een jaar ben ik bezig met orchestrale compositie.... Wat dat is?
Ik schrijf graag muziek voor film, musical of voor grote orkesten. Iets wat ik in de toekomst steeds meer hoop te kunnen doen.

In augustus 2020 voltooide ik mijn eerste echte composite opdracht:
ik mocht een kindermusical schrijven, opnemen en mixen voor de musicalopleiding van RhijnIJssel in Arnhem.

Naast muziek maken hou ik van koken, ben ik graag buiten in de natuur en hou ik van sport.

Wie weet tot snel!


Teaches: | Piano  | Music Theory  | Improvisation  
Speakes:  Dutch, English, French, German 

Hi there young or old fellow musician !

I am a native of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, son of a professional musician (symphony orchestra as well as baroque, opera/operette, musical, theater, and a lot of jazz, small combo, swing/modern jazz as well as big band jazz).

Growing up around my father playing almost every night, and going with him as I grew older, music to me is not academia or an elite sport, but an adventure and fun, another world where great atmospheres and exhilarating experiences, gatherings of cool people you don't know yet are waiting for you -people who share a love and need of music and self expression.

And music is the bridge that brings these people together, and creates these great exciting experiences and atmospheres of playing music together with others, and for appreciative others.. all this is a world I discovered, and learned to love.

Although I studied something else, and followed a career in that direction, I played trombone and piano from being 11 years old, and had my first jazz band doing gigs at local parties at 13.

Jazz was the music I liked, and wanted to play. Later I added to that a love of soul, funk, fusion, rnb, blues, reggae, salsa, world music, acid jazz etc. all music styles that grew out of, or are otherwise related to, jazz. The piano, and other keyboards attracted my interest, because of the sound of chords - that colour inside the songs that makes them sound more alive, conveying more emotion, meaning, professionalism and hipness. Whereas we have to of course focus on the beat and the melody of any given song, the chords and the solo possibilities over those chords are just as important - but are often overlooked in a time where everybody is making beats and melodic hooks ! It is the chords that create the atmosphere, the harmony. And that is what I love to do !

From those early days, I always was in several bands, playing in bars, clubs, student parties, restaurants, jam sessions, festivals, private parties, receptions etc etc. Sometimes pop music, sometimes funk or disco, or salsa or West African music, and a lot of
jazz. Sometimes original material, mostly covers - but always to get that magical connection within the band, and with the audience happening - that is what live music is for, and is about. And that was my school - I learned from playing with many many talented older musicians, who showed me the way and shared their tips and tricks. The stage was my school !

And at some point in my life I was lucky to be asked to play so often, that I could leave my job and enjoy only playing music.

I enjoy playing for audiences so much, it is addictive. It is the connection, the communication and the self expression all at once, inside a fantastic atmosphere of enjoyment and togetherness that to me is what music is all about.

It would be my pleasure to share with you the tricks and tips, experiences and lessons of the stage, but also the theories and concepts of harmony, to help you enjoy yourself and express yourself, find yourself in music in the same way - but in your own way, with your own ideas at the center. Because music is an honest story, a story about you and your imagined world. Just like so many older musicians helped shape my playing, I'd be happy to help you achieve your musical journey !

Teaches: | Piano  | Violin  | Viola  | Composition  
Speakes:  Dutch, Spanish, English, French, German, Norwegian 

Nikolaï Clavier started his career as a violist at the Barratt Due Music Institute (2013), continued to study composition at the University of Ager (2014), a Master of Music at the Fontys Academy of the Arts (2018) and a Master of Composing for Film at the Conservatory of Amsterdam (2020). His master thesis, Orchestrating Cinematic String Quartets, was awarded the first prize in the Fontys Artistic Research competition. Clavier is currently working as a musician, teacher and film composer in the Netherlands.

In 2012 he was nominated in the international composer’s competition Simply Stunning and he won the first prize in the Willem Twee Chamber music competition with the Arthema String Quartet in 2018. As a film composer he is currently working with leading Dutch and international film directors. Some of his most famous scores include Hit (docu 2018), Twintig (2019), Back to Zotteken Waes (fiction 2020), Why Didn’t You Stay for Me? (2020) and Blue Monday (2020).

The past 7 years Clavier has been involved in teaching viola, violin and orchestras through talent programs such as Musikk på Majorstuen (Oslo), El Sistema Stovner (Oslo) and Oslo Kulturskole. In 2013 he initiated the project Music in Bolivia, where he spent 9 months assisting the development of music schools and El Sistema orchestras in the Chiquitano region of Bolivia.

As musician, Clavier has worked with several international artists such as Alexander Rybak, Guro Kleven Hagen, and Jeanine Jansen. He played as solo violist in the critically acclaimed performance of Les Misérables in Kilden Concert Hall in 2013 and has since played with Oslo Camerata, Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, The Norwegian Radio Orchestra among others. He is currently a member of the Arthema String Quartet, De Link Tilburg and Dordrechts Chamber Orchestra.

Teaches: | Cello  | Piano  
Speakes:  English, Spanish 

Music has always accompanied me since the first steps of my life. I started playing the piano and some years later I discovered the cello. Both became my life partners and part of my daily life. I studied cello and piano at the Conservatory in my hometown, Bilbao (Spain). After finishing, I decided to continue improving my cello playing and I moved to the Netherlands to study my second master's degree at HKU Utrecht Conservatory. However, I continued improving my piano skills and right now I am an active player and teacher of both instruments.
My goal is to make the students able to experience all types of emotions by playing music, understanding the musical process from its roots with a creative approach. My lessons are designed according to the specific needs of each student and the main objective is to guide them in the optimal direction to achieve their full potential in a fun way. Thereby, the instrument becomes a tool to understand what making music really means and will be a way for the student to express his emotions. My approach to the lessons can provide a lot of creativity, fun and originality.
From the first lesson, the student will start making music. We will begin learning the basic concepts of music, developing listening and rhythmic skills with fun exercises. Lessons will also be focused on learning the basics of music theory, creating a solid technical base and paying special attention to having a relaxed and healthy posture. We will focus on finding a good posture with a relaxed and flexible bow and left-hand technique in the case of the cello, and on creating a solid technical base working on agility and dexterity during the piano lessons. My academic and professional experience has helped me create a teaching method where improvisation is an essential tool for the student. I enjoy working on it from the beginning since it is a perfect way to develop musicality.
As a musician, another of my sources of inspiration is to get to know and to learn from different styles, playing and experimenting with music from the classical period until the most avant-garde style. During the lessons, we will play pop, jazz, classical and many other styles. I would like to explore the instrument with the student in a fun way, growing, improving, and discovering new ways of making music together. Do you want to discover all the possibilities that the cello offers? Or maybe you prefer to explore the piano and learn to play your favorite tunes? I am looking forward to meeting you in one of my lessons and help you achieve your goals.

Teaches: | Music Production  | Song Writing  | Music Theory  | Piano  
Speakes:  English, Italian 

About Me:
I'm an English/Italian Artist, Music Producer, Songwriter & Mix Engineer based in North London.

I am actively writing and performing original music, as well as regularly collaborating on many varied musical projects. I am always learning, studying and making music and I truly believe this is the key to continuous and enjoyable development. I also love to DJ and regularly perform DJ sets in venues in London.

You can check my latest artist release here: https://linktr.ee/reverthefuture

I enjoy many different styles of music and have benefited from having an extensive palette throughout my musical journey so far. I particularly enjoy Soul, Hip Hop, RnB, Ambient, Electronic, Grime, Folk, Blues and Jazz music. My ears are always open to new sounds and textures.

I have experience in the analogue domain recording bands through large console desks playing many of these genres and more.
The prevalence of DAW's in the last decade has allowed many great artists access to a professional recording environment using just a laptop and a few fairly inexpensive bits of gear.

I am also very experienced in recording audio, sampling, programming and orchestrating music with MIDI. I began making my truest music with a DIY mentality using digital & analogue samplers and MIDI controllers. I am competent with Sound Design and I utilise the fundamental concepts which allow me control of the envelope, colour, timbre and the texture of my sound choices.

The Sessions I Offer:

I believe in teaching with an engaging, practical, hands on approach, allowing you to lead the way based on where you are in your development.
I offer individually tailored lessons and sessions for creatives of any level :)

I teach concepts in the following disciplines (beginner through to advanced):

- Music Production
- Mixing & Mastering techniques, mindset & creative approaches
- Programming
- Layering
- Sound Design
- Music Harmony & Theory
- Songwriting techniques and insight into the processes I utilise for writing, developing and finishing songs.

I can help you programme, layer and sculpt sounds, as well as help you utilise Dynamic Processors like Compressors, EQ's (Digital & Analogue) and other FX based forms of processing such as Delay, Reverb and Modulation in order to bring your ideas to life. These skills are essential for modern producer/songwriters, though In my opinion equally important is understanding your own relationship to music and how you can translate your feelings and emotions into sound.

I operate day to day from my studio in Finchley.
I am experienced in Logic Pro X, Ableton Live & Pro Tools.
I play Guitar, Bass & some Keyboards and can help you on your journey towards using these instruments to compose music.

I want to help you get the best from yourself and will always offer honest, detailed, constructive feedback on your songs, productions and mixes.
I'm happy to provide you with written lesson recaps after our session.

For some people one lesson might be all you need. For this reason some people come to me for one off lessons and return casually on an ‘as and when’ basis.

All the best :)