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Teaches: | Drums  | Song Writing  
Speakes:  Dutch, English, German 

Hey! My name is Mart Nijen Es. I am the current drummer and songwriter for Ten Times A Million and Vandenberg's Moonkings. I have a lot of experience as a rock/pop-drummer in various bands and i graduated at the ArtEZ Conservatory in Enschede. Want to hear some of my work? Check out the spotify links and video's down below. Write me a message if you're excited! - Mijn naam is Mart Nijen Es. Ik ben de huidige drummer en songwriter voor Ten Times A Million en Vandenberg's Moonkings. Ik heb veel ervaring als rock/pop-drummer in verschillende bands en ik ben afgestudeerd aan het ArtEZ Conservatorium in Enschede. Wil je wat horen? Check de spotify linkjes en video's hier onder. Schrijf me een berichtje als het je wat lijkt! Listen here: Vivid Circus - Enter the Circus (2010) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_1cCkWe3Tk&list=PL59408B4D5170EF18 The Road Home - Too Cold (2013) https://open.spotify.com/album/5Dt7OEAbvopDjSGcy7WNrO?si=TVJn4zuuT3CjMVzjk1Xj-Q The Road Home - Rebel Hearts (2016) https://open.spotify.com/album/7rP6V1mQr1wGqBZlG2jb1q?si=buyS_F2jRvCVPRBjLmiZ6A Mandrake's Monster - Regrets (2014) https://open.spotify.com/album/59IbtHGTci7VjTRCKxeypd?si=pp6dOkiASLaTiKH5As_-Zg Vandenberg's Moonkings - MK1 (2014) https://open.spotify.com/album/2XLj79yxB4kc4uS7liIDKX?si=_to3PhTVRyKe1PQePiT7qg Vandenberg's Moonkings - MK2 (2017) https://open.spotify.com/album/6aOaAgD2Q8ltM9ouhIvvRZ?si=O-nhiiYDTtC7ikd8fxntTA STAVAST - Stavast (2017) https://open.spotify.com/album/7GDkyTIUyuR6mNvCQP5Jmw?si=AYmGU4IDSj2aMMzSzcXctg Ten Times A Million - Self Titled (2018) https://open.spotify.com/album/1ssNPucg4NEWjJpTzx5pMG?si=a3-3GC5rTJexZWnS4EyGkA Ten Times A Million - Born Tomorrow (2020) https://open.spotify.com/album/3RVAma0YIoDsdveF4Z2Oh3?si=NbWhKB2aRAORGerikAfEjw

Teaches: | Drums  
Speakes:  Dutch, German, English 

Peter Weissink is a jazz / fusion and pop drummer. Coming of a very musical family, music has been Peter’s greatest passion since he was born. Started out banging on pots and pans and playing the piano at age 6, he also began playing in marching / street bands, where Peter spends a lot of time in developing a good snaredrum technique.

At age 14 he bought his first drum set and from then on his mind was set on playing the drums and playing music. Apart from 3 lessons, he is a self-taught drummer. At the age of 15 he began his musical journey in theatre and musical productions. Later on, Peter started playing also in some heavier pop, rock and blues bands, which led him to playing professionally in well-known wedding bands and orchestras, with styles, ranging from classical to pop & jazz. During this period, he has accompanied both national and international artists, as well as doing studio recordings for various projects.
More recently, Peter has enjoyed taking on more sideman work, thus he is currently playing as a free-lance drummer with various projects and bands.
Peter’s mentality is trying to offer musicality and sensitivity as well as enthusiasm and an open mind to all different kinds of music!

Next to his stage activities, Peter has been recording quite a lot over the last couple of years and he teaches at his own drumschool, which he holds now for 22 years on and off. He also teaches at the ArtEZ conservatory in Enschede. Teaching drums at the jazz & pop department, teaching jazz history and coaching bands for the jazz & pop department.

Tours: Korea, Maleisie, Belgie, Duitsland en Engeland

Teaches: | Drums  | Music Production  
Speakes:  English, Dutch 

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Joost Visser was born in 1980 in the east of the Netherlands. He started as a young drummer at a local drum band. After a broad and intensive path of various courses for classical percussion, drum kit (ArtEZ conservatory Zwolle) and Latin American percussion, he chose in 2007 to work as a full-time musician. Joost is a versatile drummer who always melts groove and percussive sound together. He has been active for years on pop stages and in many theaters, both in The Netherlands and abroad. In addition to his work as a performing musician, he is a passionate teacher. Years ago he started a drum school, but it soon grew into Popschool Twenterand. He and his colleagues train musicians in what you should be able to and know in the bands and on the stages. They also play an active role in advising and supporting music education in education. In 2017 he launched his own drum method called 360DRUMSbook. This method differs from other methods in that there is a separate book for beats, and also a separate book for fills. These books are placed side by side on the music stand, so that these two skills are always trained in combination. The accompanying app delivers great play-along tracks starting at 40bpm, because slow practice is the way to success! πŸ‡³πŸ‡± In 1980, in het oosten van Nederland, werd Joost Visser geboren. Hij startte als jonge tamboer bij een lokale drumband. Na een breed en intensief pad van verschillende opleidingen voor klassiek slagwerk, drumstel (ArtEZ Zwolle) en latin american percussie koos hij er in 2007 voor om aan het werk te gaan als full-time musicus. Joost is een veelzijdige drummer die altijd groove en percussieve sound samen laat smelten. Hij is al jaren actief op poppodia en in veel theaters, zowel in binnen- als buitenland. Naast zijn werk als uitvoerend musicus is hij een gepassioneerde docent. Jaren geleden begon hij een drumschool, maar deze groeide al snel uit tot de Popschool voor heel Twenterand. Hij en zijn collega’s leiden muzikanten op in wat je moet kunnen en kennen in de bands en op de podia. Ook spelen zij een actieve rol in het adviseren en ondersteunen van muziek-educatie in het onderwijs. In 2017 heeft hij zijn eigen drummethode gelanceerd onder de naam 360DRUMSbook. Deze methode onderscheid zich van andere methodes doordat er een apart boek voor beats is, en ook een apart boek voor fills. Deze boeken staan naast elkaar op de muziekstandaard waardoor deze twee skills altijd in combinatie getraind worden. De bijbehorende app levert fijne playalong-tracks vanaf 40bpm, want langzaam oefenen is de weg naar succes!

Teaches: | Drums  | Music Theory  | Percussion  
Speakes:  Dutch, German, English