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Teaches: | Music Theory  | Oud  
Speakes:  Arabic, English, French 

Music composer, Oud player, singer and writer born in Beirut on March 31st, 1982. Coming from a family of musicians and being surrounded by Arabic music since his childhood, it was only natural for him to follow his passion and his love for music as a full time career.

He started playing Oud at the age of seven. In 1993, at the age of eleven, he became part of the Beirut Arabic Orchestra lead by Maestro Salim Sahhab. And at the age of thirteen, he was chosen as a soloist at the Cairo Opera house in a tribute concert to Abdel Halim Hafiz.

In 2004 his first album "Ouyoun El Ba'ar" was launched where many texts of Salah Jahine can be heard. And in 2007, his second album "Keep on Singing" was released. This album features many poems of Ahmad Fouad Najm. A few years later, in 2015, he launched his Sufi project "Araftou El Hawa” based on ancient Sufi texts and combined with electronic music. Ziyad's latest album, “Ya layali” was released in 2016, where Rola Azar sings Ziyad Sahhab is the title of this beautiful collaboration. Many old songs were picked and re-arranged in this album, alongside new compositions.

Ziad’s first Band, Chahhadine ya Baladna had participated in many festivals across Europe and the Arab World. While several other collaborations took place throughout the years, a later collaboration was with Elie Rizkallah on "Chi Mouch Chakhsse".
Ziyad loves experimenting new styles and discovering wider horizons, taking risks and facing new challenges. He could start from a base of traditional Arabic music to find himself ending in a Jazzy atmosphere. Combining Bossa Nova and Salsa rhythms with Arabic music and texts is one of his all-time work passions and became clearly an essential part of his musical identity.

He is currently working on several new projects, and touring with his band to promote his latest album, both regionally and around Europe. (that was before covid 19). He’s expected to release his latest album “Ziyad Sahhab live in Al Madina Theater” on all digital platforms mid-December 2020.